CES Neon Dust - Half Reel
Grapplesnake USA

CES Neon Dust - Half Reel

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Now available as a Single Half Reel!

CES Neon Dust is a relatively firm square polyester string, engineered to be used in the Mains as part of a Hybrid. Traditionally, CES Neon Dust has been paired with Liquid Neon Dust.

Now, by popular demand, it is offered as a standalone string. Players are able to combine CES Neon Dust with any other Cross string - we recommend Grapplesnake Irukandji - to experiment and find your own hybrid. 

We recommend choosing a relatively soft Cross string to use along with CES Neon Dust in the Mains.

CES Neon dust will provide exceptional durability, control and spin!


Limited availability.



- CES Neon Dust: 1.23 mm


Stringing instructions:

- String CES Neon Dust 3 lbs lower than the average polyester. 


Half Reel (100m)

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