Cube Extra Sharp - Half Reel
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Cube Extra Sharp - Half Reel

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Now available as a Single Half Reel!

Cube Extra Sharp is a firmer version of our popular Cube string. It is ideal for hybrid use as a Main string along with any of our softer strings, such as:

- Liquid

- Liquid Neon Dust

- Irukandji

- Alpha

- Tour Sniper

Cube extra sharp adds exceptional spin potential due to its dramatically sharp edges. With its added firmness, the player is now able to lower its tension in hybrid use, while retaining control.


Diameter: 1.23mm

Tension recommendations: 

- 3 to 4 lbs lower than the average poly when used as a Main in a hybrid. 


Image is referential. We offer a transparent half reel.


Limited availability.


Half Reel (100m)

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