Grapplesnake Tour Sniper and Alpha now available!

We are incredibly happy and excited to announce that our two new strings are now available in the US for sale in our website.

These are amazing times for us at Grapplesnake, because both of these strings have been engineered with Tour levels of performance in mind. It has taken us a long time and enormous effort to perfect both of these models. We utilized our sponsored Pros to continue to improve our formulas until we were all sure that these were the products we wanted.

We can't mention names, but multiple professional players, some of them highly ranked, are currently assessing these models, and we expect to sign more contracts this season.


1) Grapplesnake Tour Sniper (1.25mm)

Formerly known as "Prototype", Tour Sniper has been engineered with a known formula in mind. With similar playing characteristics as Luxilon Alu Power, Solinco Tour Bite, and Kirschbaum Max Power, we decided to create a string that was softer, with more control, and pentagonal in shape. Low-powered, Tour Sniper provides ultimate levels of control. It is ideal for players that enjoy this particular feel, but are not happy with how firm it normally is. It comes partially pre-streched to also minimize the significant initial tension loss normally associated with this family of strings. Tour Sniper is ideal for heavy-hitters. Its edges are less sharp than our square offerings such as Cube, and launch angles are less dramatic. Very "silky", it is extremely easy to string. Available in 1.25mm, grey color, in sets and reels.


2) Grapplesnake Alpha (1.25mm)

Grapplesnake Alpha was developed alongside Tour Sniper as its "sister" string. We wanted to engineer a second Tour level string, but with our unique characteristics. We were interested in achieving an ever softer feel, add some power, while maintaining ultimate directional control. The results are impressive. We have gotten incredibly positive feedback from every single player involved in the development and testing of this string. Alpha feels soft and comfortable, and very stable upon hard impact. It is also pentagonal in shape, and easy to string. Alpha has been our biggest project so far, and it has taken countless hours of our efforts on and off court to make it feel "just right". We believe there aren't others like it, and some people in our team call it our "masterpiece". Available in 1.25mm, gold color, in sets and reel.

Both strings are priced identically, at $12.50 per set and $159.95 per reel. We are offering two polyester strings of the highest quality, 100% made in Germany, for an affordable price, and we are proud of that.

Thank you all again for your support! These are great times for us, we keep growing steadily thanks to you! We have secured contracts with top Junior players in the world and you guys/girls will hopefully start seeing our logo/stencil on TV more frequently, along with our strings in different online and physical stores. Your positive feedback is much appreciated!




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