About Us

Grapplesnake was born in Germany, initially experimenting with new polymers and fabrics for the rope industry. There are strong engineering similarities when compared to tennis strings. This is why we decided to apply our knowledge into producing innovative compounds that lead to very high quality tennis strings. Every string we produce is aimed at providing players with unique characteristics for different styles of play, including our dual-poly hybrids.

Our goal is to improve the string industry and the game as a whole. We are proud to sponsor multiple ATP-WTA pro players.

Please scroll through our website www.grapplesnakeusa.com for more details, write us at grapplesnakestringsusa@gmail.com, usa@grapplesnake.de, or visit us on Facebook or Instagram for product info, wholesales, sponsorship, and direct sales.

Grapplesnake Strings are 100% Made in Germany. Now available in the United States.

Welcome to the Grapplesnake USA family!