String Info

Cube Extra Sharp/Liquid Dual-Poly Hybrid and CES Neon/Liquid Neon Dust Dual-Poly Hybrid: In these hybrids, the Main string tends to be more firm, lower powered, and control-oriented, while our softer Cross string serves the purpose of adding feel and power. In the end, this well-balanced recipe plays just right and to us is a game changer. One important aspect to consider is that our hybrids play best when the Mains are strung 3 lbs lower than the Crosses. 

Cube: One of our most popular strings in Europe, and it's an aggressively shaped square poly with outstanding spin potential and great tension maintenance. Most of our sponsored players use Cube either as a full bed or as part of a hybrid. Note: Officially rated at 1.18mm due to standard measuring methods, its square shape makes it more comparable to a 16 gauge round string. 

Irukandji: A string developed to serve as an excellent Cross for hybrids. If you play with natural gut, multi-filament, or another poly in the Mains, Irukandji will help prevent notching, and will add snap-back, spin, and feel. Being rectangular and round, the larger surface area, in other words, the widest part of that rectangle, will always make contact with the main when being pulled. That, also due to its added elasticity and how "slippery" it is. It always tends to sit on the larger area of the rectangle against the Main string. This larger surface area prevents notching even more effectively than a round string, increasing the longevity of your natural gut or multi.

Excellent Purple: A round poly that provides players with excellent tension maintenance and durability. It's our "workhorse" string and it truly looks beautiful when strung. Great for flat-hitting players who wants precision and utter consistency in launch angles. Very low powered and control oriented, it is a great options for players that string at very low tensions.

Liquid: Great for players seeking for a hexagonal, high-powered, very soft poly that's easy on the arm. Retains great control while being very soft.

-NEW- Grapplesnake Tour Sniper (formerly known as Prototype): Comparable to Luxilon ALU Power, Solinco Tour Bite, and Kirschbaum Max Power. Similar formula, that type of feel. In addition to that, it comes partially pre-stretched to minimize the tension loss associated with this family of strings. It is, also, relatively soft and notching is almost non-existing. We would use the word "silky". The string does not launch very hard and is definitely control-oriented to the max. It plays very consistently from start to finish, and its pentagonal shape isn't too sharp. We developed it to build up upon the best qualities of some other strings with similar playing characteristics. This will be Grapplesnake's Tour level string, and we will look to sponsor future Pros with it.

-NEW- Grapplesnake Alpha: Developed alongside Tour Sniper as its "sister" string. We wanted to engineer a second Tour level string, but with our unique characteristics. We were interested in achieving an ever softer feel, add some power, while maintaining ultimate directional control. The results are impressive.

We have gotten incredibly positive feedback from every single player involved in the development and testing of this string. Alpha feels soft and comfortable, and very stable upon hard impact. It is also pentagonal in shape, and easy to string.

Alpha has been our biggest project so far, and it has taken countless hours of our efforts on and off court to make it feel "just right". We believe there aren't others like it, and some people in our team call it our "masterpiece". Available in gold color.


Our Strings, from softest to firmest:

Liquid (softest) - Irukandji - Liquid Neon Dust - Alpha - Cube - Tour Sniper - Excellent Purple - CES Neon Dust - Cube Extra Sharp (firmest)