How Irukandji works

Grapplesnake Irukandji is a very special string. Its unique characteristics make it an excellent option for players looking for the best possible Cross string to use with their natural gut or multifilament Mains, as part of a hybrid.

Why? First of all, let's look at a round Cross string. They are normally accepted as good options in order to minimize notching and, in that way, extending the life of your expensive natural gut. But even a round Cross string only makes contact with the Main at approximately 30% of its surface area, due to its natural shape.

An edged string, such as square, will sometimes sit on the Main right at its edge, and in those contact areas, the percentage will be even lower.

What's new and innovative about Irukandji, is the fact that being rectangular and round, the larger surface area, in other words, the widest part of that rectangle, will always make contact with the main when being pulled. That, also due to its added elasticity and how "slippery" it is. It always tends to sit on the larger area of the rectangle against the Main string.
This larger surface area prevents notching more effectively, increasing the longevity of your natural gut. The lack of notching also increases snap back upon impact, which is another way of achieving spin without having to use an aggressively shaped string set-up.
Upon developing this string, we have also found it to be absolutely incredible on slices.
If you like Gut/Poly or Multi/Poly hybrids, we strongly recommend trying Grapplesnake Irukandji. Available in sets and reels, white and blue colors.
Stay tuned for more product info! Thank you for visiting our website.
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