TennCom Tour Sniper Review

TennCom is a super informative, funny and interesting tennis community from Canada. Active in YouTube, Instagram and in their website, https://TennCom.media, they provide quality written and video content. Beckett and Simon have great chemistry, which makes their videos a joy to watch. We recommend checking them out!

We are happy to see that they are also Grapplesnake fans, and here is their review on Tour Sniper

Excerpt: "Grapplesnake Tour Sniper feels like an evolved version of Hyper-G. It retains excellent all-around performance while offering the crisp, responsive feel necessary to maintain control. The silver colour of the polyester signals a similar performance to ALU Power or Tourbite, however, it plays much softer, more inline with Tourbite Soft. 

ALU Power soft was GrappleSnake’s string target for Tour Sniper. The goal was to develop a string with the same feel and performance as ALU Soft, but with superior tension maintenance and playability duration. This playability duration and tension maintenance is what sets Tour Sniper apart from every other string on the market. It doesn’t wow you out of the gate with silicone infusion, sharp edges or a vibrant colour. It wows after 3 weeks of play when the tension is still controllable and the tension is still playable."

Thanks, guys! 

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