Stringing Instructions For Our Innovative Hybrids

Grapplesnake provides players with high quality co-poly tennis strings engineered to maximize control and spin.

Our full beds are excellent, all around set-ups, soft, with great snap-back and spin potential. They have an incredible balance of feel, power and control for aggressive all-court players.

We have also focused our research into dual-polyester hybrids, becoming industry innovators when developing outstanding combinations of a relatively firm Main, along with a softer Cross. This requires players to lower their Main tension 3 lbs compared to the average co-poly, while retaining control and dramatically increasing spin. In these hybrids, our softer Crosses further increase feel, and should be strung at normal tensions. This carefully thought-of recipe will impress you.


- Average co-poly desired tension: 55 lbs

- Grapplesnake Dual-Poly Hybrid desired tensions: 52 lbs Mains, 55 lbs Crosses


Grapplesnake Strings are engineered and made in Germany.