Grapplesnake Paradox Pro Now Available!

As of 09/08/2023:

Labels! So many labels! Paradox is finally fully released as of today. Sets and150m reels, 1.26 mm and 1.29 mm. Thanks for your patience!


As of 09/01/2023:

Happy to announce that Grapplesnake Paradox Pro is now available!!! 1.29mm reels only for a few days. We have received the string in both diameters and have spent the last few hours doing inventory. Here's the report:

- 1.29 mm reels are here, ready and fully labeled.
- 1.26 mm reels are here but still unlabeled (no round sticker).
- Both 1.26mm and 1.29mm hard square labels for the sets are still en route in a separate shipment, even though we were expecting them now. This is a problem.

This is bittersweet, since we wanted a full launch right away. We are both excited and also back into being anxious for the rest to arrive.

Since all strings are here, but we can't really release the rest without proper retail packaging and labeling, we just need to wait a little longer to do so. However, if you really want sets or 1.26 mm reels and don't mind no label, please email us at and we will make it happen for you as a sort of special order.  

Thanks to everyone for your patience. We are working hard on this. Extremely excited and tired right now!


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