New Grapplesnake Paradox Pro Available Soon!



We worked on this string during all of 2022 and half of 2023, and it is finally ready.


Grapplesnake Paradox Pro is going to be a new type. Same way aluminum changed the game when it was integrated into the composition of some co-poly strings years ago (we currently use it in Tour Sniper and Game Changer Silver), we now have the final version of Paradox Pro ready, which is a new type of string that uses other metals in higher percentages in a way that feels unique. Same as Tour M8 being a unique poly, this new generation string will also be different and almost hard to fully classify it as a co-poly. There is no other string in the market that is made using the difficult technical processes we developed for Paradox Pro.


We have finished perfecting it with production currently running 24/7. We are extra excited about this, because we feel it has the potential to become a new class of string out there. Developing Paradox Pro has required the largest amounts of man-hours, complex materials and overall resources we have ever developed and invested. Firm to our vision, we are focusing on quality, quality, and quality. It is our pride.


The name Paradox Pro comes from the paradigms this string is breaking and how counter-intuitive this seems, at first: Paradox Pro is firm, but comfortable. It's also powerful, but with extreme precision. It's durable but soft feeling. It's round but provides great spin. The feel is the most direct we have ever developed, and that is its biggest strength. Black/White. Ying/Yang. A new type of precision, a new class of string. We expect Paradox Pro to change the game.


Some facts:

- It will be available in the US in approximately mid August.

- It will be available in sets and reels, 1.26 and 1.29 mm.

- It will be a little heavier than other polys. Higher percentages of metals, which are heavier than polyester.

- Reels will be 150 meters long (other models come in 200 meters). We don't want people to pay well above $200 for this, so we are shortening the reel 1/4 and keeping the prices sub $200. 

- Paradox Pro is round and green (forest green). 


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