Alpha - Set
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Alpha - Set

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Developed alongside Tour Sniper as its "sister" string. We wanted to engineer a second Tour level string, but with our unique characteristics. We were interested in achieving an even softer feel, add some power, while maintaining ultimate directional control. The results are impressive.

We have gotten incredibly positive feedback from every single player involved in the development and testing of this string. Alpha feels soft and comfortable, and very stable upon hard impact. It is also pentagonal in shape, and easy to string.

Alpha has been our biggest project so far, and it has taken countless hours of our efforts on and off court to make it feel "just right". We believe there aren't others like it, and some people in our team call it our "masterpiece". Available in gold color.


Diameter: 1.25 mm


Tension recommendations:

- Normal poly stringing tension. 

Approximate string weight with zip ties and no packaging: 21 grams.

Individual 12m set.

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Customer Reviews

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I love the string. Perfectly soft with the right amount of stiffness. Does everything particularly well. Waiting on a deal to buy reels of it.


Amazing combo of power, spin and durability. Best poly string I’ve ever used.

Fantastic-feeling poly that suits me perfectly

I've yet to find another string that I love as much as this one. You get the control you expect from a poly, but you also get really nice comfort and great "pop" on groundstrokes? And decent spin?

This is witchcraft.

Comfortable string with unique combination of control + power

I really enjoyed playing with this string. I strung it @ 48lbs in a Pure Strike 16x19. It is a unique string by offering a combination of control and power I’ve not found in other polys. It offers power, yet I can tell immediately when the ball leaves the stringbed where it’s going to land.

It is also a very soft and comfortable string with great playability. Spin is above average and overall I was able to just hit more consistent, deeper shots with this string than my usual setup. I’ve also been hitting some crazy angles that I don’t normally hit.

I couldn’t find any aspect where Alpha was lacking. It’s powerful, yet still offers great control, great spin, comfortable, and great playability. After trying Alpha, I’ve decided to switch to it as my string of choice.

Soft string with good control

Definitely enjoy the comfort of this string, it is soft and my arm is quite sensitive at the moment and didn't ache at all.
I never really understood when people talked about controlled power. In my opinion they are opposites on a scale, it is either control or power. But now I do understand. This string definitely has more power than my normal set-up (Tier One Black Knight) but I could still control it and had a good feeling. The launch angle is moderate and lower than certain spin set-ups (for example Neon Dust hybrid). This string would have been ideal for me if it had a bit more bite to increase spin. The spin is a bit above a round string. I especially noticed the power increase in my serve and my opponents had a lot of trouble returning my serves. Another thing I noticed is that making angles with this string is quite easy so my short cross shots were really a weapon. Didn't really notice a big drop in tension and would consider the tension maintenance quite good. However, there is one big disadvantage for me and that is the durability of the string, it snapped within 8 hours and most of that time were double matches. Other string with the same diameter last me 2 to 3 times longer. If you are not a string breaker or don't care that you have to string a bit more often then definitely try this string!