Alpha - Set
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Alpha - Set

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Developed alongside Tour Sniper as its "sister" string. We wanted to engineer a second Tour level string, but with our unique characteristics. We were interested in achieving an even softer feel, add some power, while maintaining ultimate directional control. The results are impressive.

We have gotten incredibly positive feedback from every single player involved in the development and testing of this string. Alpha feels soft and comfortable, and very stable upon hard impact. It is also pentagonal in shape, and easy to string.

Alpha has been our biggest project so far, and it has taken countless hours of our efforts on and off court to make it feel "just right". We believe there aren't others like it, and some people in our team call it our "masterpiece". Available in gold color.


Diameter: 1.25 mm


Tension recommendations:

- Normal poly stringing tension. 

Approximate string weight with zip ties and no packaging: 21 grams.

Individual 12m set.

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Customer Reviews

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Walter Kasper
My new go too string

Did not bother my elbow. Played well good control and ball pocketing. Very impressed. !!!

Fantastic! Thank you and enjoy!

Andrew Hwang
Perfect soft poly

Unbelievably good feel, plus pretty decent snap back and a nice textured shape for ball bite. I love this string in stiffer racquets to soften up the feel, or as a hybrid cross string. Underrated string that should get more press

Agree! And thank you!

John Kristof
Rumors are true, this sets new standards for controllable power

-Best feeling poly I've tried. At least as comfortable as multi-poly hybrids I've tried. Yet crisp and connected to the ball. Very satisfying "thwack."
-Very forgiving. One of the benefits of soft poly is that they are more predictable when you have to slow swing speeds down vs super stiff poly strings. Alpha is the most forgiving in this sense.
-Despite that power help, Alpha is super predictable. Directional control is amazing. If you come from a stiff string, you might have to get used to its softness, but once you do, you'll be glad for the easy depth.
-It has very good playability duration for a soft poly.

This is a great starter poly. Not that you'll ever outgrow it, but it does so much well at so many levels of tennis that it's a great option to try.

Thank you so much for your review!

Bradley Lakeberg
Great String

I enjoyed the spin potential and lively feel Alpha provided. I felt confident to swing out and the easy spin kept the ball in play.

Outstanding! Thank you, Bradley.

James W

Great string, the corners are extremely sharp, tonnes of spin and power. Thru it in my Aero 98 with Hyper G Round in the crosses at 60 pounds and it is really giving me control and spin. Power comes from head speed and pure striking. Good price, good product will buy again.

Excellent! Thank you, James.