Game Changer - Set
Game Changer - Set
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Game Changer - Set

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New! Introducing Grapplesnake Game Changer. We spent almost the entire year of 2020 developing this string along with our rapidly growing number of sponsored Pro players. We focused on spin, comfort and durability. Game Changer exceeded all expectations, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from Tour Pros.

Game Changer is a powerful square poly, with enormous spin potential. It provides solid feedback upon contact for heavy-hitting, while maintaining a soft and comfortable feel. Its 4-edges help players produce massive spin, and it will not break easily. Game Changer also coils minimally, making it easier to string.

This is a Tour level string, and we are very proud of it.

Note: Rated at 1.20mm due to standard measuring methods, its square shape and sharp edges makes it more comparable to a 16 gauge round string.


Available in neon green color.


Tension recommendations: 

- 2 lb below normal poly stringing tension. 

 Approximate string weight with zip ties and no packaging: 23 grams.

Individual 12m set

Stringing Tips:

- When stringing square strings, yo should adjust your clamping pressure as needed. You will sometimes clamp the square profile at different orientations, and the clamps might feel tight or loose. In order to protect the string, ensure to apply just sufficient pressure every time.

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Ruben Sierra
Game Changer

Is like said Game Changer, very nice, I recommend this string I love it. thanks.

Thank you, Ruben!


Awesome. One of the best strings out there!


Great spin. Very comfortable.

Lives up to it's name!

Can't use poly regularly due to accumulated arm damage but decided to give it a try knowing I would only use the string once or twice before going back to a soft multi. Played a 3 set doubles match with this string today. The spin was insane! I was putting my opponents into the back fence with topspin over their heads, which never happens with my usual multi setup. Much more spin than any other shaped poly I have ever tried over the years. For a poly it was super soft, the most comfortable poly I have ever used. I wish I could use it every time I play but unfortunately it's going to be an occasional guilty pleasure for me due to the state of my arm. Overall a great string if you want to put crazy spin on the ball and very comfortable for a poly. .

Best Arm Friendly Sharp, Shaped Poly!

I have searched high and low to find the ideal arm friendly sharp shaped poly. I strung up my 2023 V-Core 100 with Gamechanger in a full bed at 50 lbs. GC was very comfortable right away and had a great combination of spin, power and control while being very arm friendly. It really works it’s magic on full swings with great spin and ball pocketing and you can really feel the grip of the sharp strings biting the ball, especially on slices, kick serves and cross court shots. Durability was not an issue as it feel like it is thicker than the 1.20 mm it’s list at and tension maintenance was above average for a poly as it didn’t start getting launchy till around 8-10 hours in and then stablilized till the 12-14 hour mark when I decided to re-string. I play a lot of doubles and occasional singles so YMMV.