Cube - Reel
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Cube - Reel

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Cube is one of our most popular strings. Made for big hitters, it provides excellent control, tension stability and spin potential. It is square in shape, and its edges maintain their sharpness after long hours of play. 

This is an excellent string for the modern power player who wants to maximize access to spin.

Note: Officially rated at 1.18mm due to standard measuring methods, its square shape makes it more comparable to a 16 gauge round string. 


Diameter: 1.18mm

Tension recommendations: 

- Normal poly stringing tension. 


Full 200m Reel

Stringing Tips:

- When stringing square strings, yo should adjust your clamping pressure as needed. You will sometimes clamp the square profile at different orientations, and the clamps might feel tight or loose. In order to protect the string, ensure to apply just sufficient pressure every time.

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