CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust - Hybrid Set
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CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust - Hybrid Set

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Our "flagship" hybrid, CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust is a high performance dual-polyester set-up, carefully engineered by Grapplesnake Strings with a firm Main string, and a soft Cross. 

CES Neon dust will provide exceptional durability, control and spin, while Liquid Neon Dust will give you touch, feel and more power. The best of both worlds.



- CES Neon Dust: 1.23 mm

- Liquid Neon Dust: 1.25 mm 


Stringing instructions:

- CES Neon Dust (Main): 3 lbs lower than the average polyester. 

- Liquid Neon Dust (Cross): normal polyester stringing tension. 

 12m (6m + 6m) Individual hybrid set

 Approximate string weight with zip ties and no packaging: 24 grams.

2022 Update: Clear packaging and black zip tie for Liquid crosses, white zip tie for CES mains.

Stringing Tips:

- When stringing the square mains, adjust your clamping pressure as needed. You will sometimes clamp the square profile at different orientations, and the clamps might feel tight or loose. In order to protect the string, ensure to apply just sufficient pressure every time.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The string works great. While stringing though the stringer commented on how it could break.

John Bozeman
The best secret in tennis.

I am a gear junkie. I like trying as many different racquets and strings as I can. This set-up in a Prestige Tour (18x19) was laughably good. I could not believe a string with this shape could provide this much spin while also being soft feeling. I will be ordering the half reels of this combo. The bad thing about this string is now I don't want to try anything else because this one is so fun. I also have yet to see what tension maintenance is like. Thank you GRAPPLESNAKE!!!

Wow, so awesome

I generally break strings very fast and this setup at 45 m/48 c lasted almost 1.5 months, prob 20 + hrs. My friend has some arm issues and hits with heavy top spin and has also had great luck with it. The tension felt great for the entire life of the first stringing. We all 4.5 players and have diff styles but everyone that has used it has been pleasantly surprised. I think that the string has all around great features, good feel at the net, gives great spin when you need it and let's you plow through with ease. Love it.

Injured Again
Very spin capable and soft string

The Neon Dust hybrid is a very high spin capability stringset that offers a pretty cushioned response. I strung the mains at my normal tension and strung the crosses three pounds tighter. Right off the stringer, the response was exactly what I had hoped for.

It has a bit more spin capability than Hyper-G, and relatively the same power levels while offering a bit more comfort and a bit less crispness. Where it performs better than Hyper-G is that it feels the softer cross string penalizes me less when I don't hit the sweetspot compared to Hyper-G. The ball goes closer to where I aimed and with a bit more ballspeed when I mis-hit.

Neon Dust has less incoming ball spin sensitivity than Cube, and in this respect it is comparable to Tour Bite or Hyper-G.

Playability was good through about eight hours, and then the ball started flying on me as the strings, I think primarily the crosses, lost tension. I might have had longer playability with a cross string that held tension better or was inherently stiffer (like the Grapplesnake Prototype/Tour Sniper) or if the existing cross string were strung tighter.

By the time I cut the strings out at ten hours, they were notched about half way through, so they were on the verge of breaking.

Overall, an excellent string for spin capability, with a cushioned response yet still good control and accuracy. Only downside might be an earlier loss of playability that could possibly be corrected by string tension changes.

Excellent hybrid!!!

I was searching for more than one year for the perfect string for my game... And I finally found it!!!
That hybrid give me all the spin, control and power that I was looking for. With also great comfort, tension maintenance and durability!
Wonderful job by Grapplesnake!!!