CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust Hybrid - 2x Half Reels
Grapplesnake USA

CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust Hybrid - 2x Half Reels

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Available in 2x Half Reels!

Our "flagship" hybrid, CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust is a high performance dual-polyester set-up, carefully engineered by Grapplesnake Strings with a firm Main string, and a soft Cross. 

CES Neon dust will provide exceptional durability, control and spin, while Liquid Neon Dust will give you touch, feel and more power. The best of both worlds.



- CES Neon Dust: 1.23 mm

- Liquid Neon Dust: 1.25 mm 


Stringing instructions:

- CES Neon Dust (Main): 3 lbs lower than the average polyester. 

- Liquid Neon Dust (Cross): normal polyester stringing tension. 


2x Half Reels (100m + 100m)

Stringing Tips:

- When stringing the square mains, adjust your clamping pressure as needed. You will sometimes clamp the square profile at different orientations, and the clamps might feel tight or loose. In order to protect the string, ensure to apply just sufficient pressure every time.

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