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Cube - Set

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Cube is one of our most popular strings. Made for big hitters, it provides excellent control, tension stability and spin potential. It is square in shape, and its edges maintain their sharpness after long hours of play. 

This is an excellent string for the modern power player who wants to maximize access to spin.

Note: Officially rated at 1.18mm due to standard measuring methods, its square shape makes it more comparable to a 16 gauge round string. 


Tension recommendations: 

- Normal poly stringing tension. 

 Approximate string weight with zip ties and no packaging: 23 grams.

Individual 12m set

Stringing Tips:

- When stringing square strings, yo should adjust your clamping pressure as needed. You will sometimes clamp the square profile at different orientations, and the clamps might feel tight or loose. In order to protect the string, ensure to apply just sufficient pressure every time.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Dillard
They Bite Hard

USTA competitive 4.0 all court player, Head Speed MP 52lbs. I gave these a try on a whim and they became my favorite strings for Mains, on the crosses I use the company's Irundanji strings and the duo creates a spin friendly, arm friendly player racquet.

Thank you for your support, Andrew! Happy that you are happy. Cube mains Irukandji crosses is a great setup!

John Lukens
Vs Ultra Cable

Trying to decide if I’m going to switch to Cube. Might even be spinnier than Ultra Cable

Happy to see that you like Cube, John.

Great spin and comfortable feel

Previously was using Weiss Ultra Cable. Cube has same type of easy spin generation but a plusher more comfortable feel. I would say there is a bit less power, but stringing 2-3 lbs less as recommended helps in that area.

Using in a Head 360 Extreme. This racket provides easy access to spin and a good pop on the ball with high trajectory. To control the modern racket, extra spin is helpful. The problem with many poly strings is they are stiff and although give good control are tough on the arm. Cube seems to address this well with its strong spin generation ability but plush softer feel.

Keith Glidewell
Capable & powerful, but stern!

I tried Grapplesnake's Cube string for the first time and was really impressed. While stringing my Wilson Roger Federer with the Cube, I was concerned that the performance of the string would be harsh and unforgiving judging by how little the string flexes when tensioned. In this regard I was very surprised as the string has the exact opposite characteristics, it gives a plush feeling and is very responsive and dynamic; there was no harshness or stiffness to the string at all! That said, the Cube has a stern personality, and is unforgiving if your strokes are squirrely or hesitant. The string bites the ball very aggressively and therefore rewards the player for good racquet-head speed, topspin and early contact. On the flip side, the Cube is not very accommodating to late contact, abbreviated swings or clubbing (reactive) groundstrokes . While this string delivers a nice well-rounded combination of controlled power and uncommon grip, its qualities reveal themselves best when you swing with clear intent and good timing. Where some strings can compensate for your lethargy, the Cube doesn't have a lot of sympathy and definitely lets you know when you're slacking.

Injured Again
Great string with average lifetime

I tested Cube in a Wilson SW104 and found it to have the greatest spin capability of any other string I have used, which include Hyper-G, Solstice Power, Tour Bite, Cyclone, and others. It provides a slightly higher launch angle, and the power levels are medium-low, but the ball speed ramps up very linearly with how hard you swing, and also depending on how much spin you are trying to put on the ball. Every shot had the ball speed I was expecting from the swing I made. Mis-hit shots were fairly well muted and didn't have really bad shock.

I was able to get several inches more hop on my second serve. Looping, extreme topspin groundstrokes really showed how well this string grabs and reverses spin. Cube made it much easier to drop a ball at the feet of a netperson, and hard underspin shots had so much spin the ball seemed to just graze off the court surface, still retaining some underspin after the bounce.

There were two downsides. One is that Cube is pretty sensitive to incoming spin when volleying or when returning serve. On volleys against very spinny underspin shots, the ball would get pulled into the net unless I really accentuated tilting back the racquet angle. This took a few days to get used to. However, this also made it very easy to hit drop volleys on underspin shots.

Second, I only got about six hours of play before Cube seemed to lose elasticity, and thus some power and spin, though directional control was still good.

I will retry Cube again!