CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust - Hybrid Set
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CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust - Hybrid Set

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Our "flagship" hybrid, CES Neon Dust / Liquid Neon Dust is a high performance dual-polyester set-up, carefully engineered by Grapplesnake Strings with a firm Main string, and a soft Cross. 

CES Neon dust will provide exceptional durability, control and spin, while Liquid Neon Dust will give you touch, feel and more power. The best of both worlds.



- CES Neon Dust: 1.23 mm

- Liquid Neon Dust: 1.25 mm 


Stringing instructions:

- CES Neon Dust (Main): 3 lbs lower than the average polyester. 

- Liquid Neon Dust (Cross): normal polyester stringing tension. 

 12m (6m + 6m) Individual hybrid set

 Approximate string weight with zip ties and no packaging: 24 grams.

2022 Update: Clear packaging and black zip tie for Liquid crosses, white zip tie for CES mains.

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