Irukandji - Set
Irukandji - Set
Irukandji - Set
Irukandji - Set
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Irukandji - Set

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Irukandji is a very special rounded/rectangular polyester string. It is soft and provides great snap-back and feel. It enhances spin potential due to its added elasticity. It was engineered to function as the ideal Cross string.

Its smooth surface allows the mains and crosses to slide on each other, minimizing notching and maximizing snap-back, which increases spin potential. With remarkable feel and comfort, it bridges the gap between co-poly and multi filament strings.

Performs well in full bed, but is highly recommended as a Cross-string with Cube, Excellent Purple, or any Multi or Natural Gut in the Mains.

Available in White and Blue colors.


Diameter: 0.90 x 1.45 mm

Recommended tension:

- Normal poly stringing tension when used as full bed or as a Cross in a hybrid.


Note: Given Irukandji's unique shape, it is officially rated at 0.90 x 1.45 mm in diameter, which is comparable to a 17g round string.


Individual 12m Set

 Approximate string weight with zip ties and no packaging: 19 grams.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Cross

Best cross I have used with a multi/gut. Seems to greatly increase durability and snapback of the mains.
much better than any other poly as a cross including ALU.

Tom in MT
Very useful string

Irukandji is a problem solver when used as cross strings. 1) If your current polyester strings feel a bit brittle or brassy, putting these in the crosses will soften up the string bed pretty nicely. 2) If you're a topspin hitter looking for a little more springback from the mains, these will help. They are more slippery than average. And 3) if you're getting a lot of notching or early breakage in your main strings, the larger surface area and low friction will help your mains last a bit longer.

I'm coming to these from a hybrid setup consisting of Yonex PolyTour Spin 16L in the mains and Solinco Tour Bite 20 in the crosses, both at 50 lbs. For me, this string does add a bit more power.

MIke C
Great string!!

I normally use a gut/co-poly hybrid string in my racquets. I was anxious too use the Irukandji as a cross.
I was surprised how much spin and control I was getting off this combination. Nice feel at the net as well. No harsh vibration from hard hot balls coming back from the other side when at the net. Most other co-poly crosses I had been using are lacking that feel and softness at the net. I did not feel that with the Irukandji strings in my racquet.
The Irukandji strings last longer than my previous setup with some other hybrid crosses. That, for me, is a big plus. I do not waste a lot fo time restringing my racquets and spend that time on the court.
I am happy with the Irukandji strings and will use them in as my regular "go-to" set up.
I will however try more of the great Grapplesnake strings in some of my other racquets as well. I have told my other tennis friends about these great strings.
Try the Irukandji out as a cross. I do not think you will be disappointed.
Great strings- Great value!!!

Jeff Plante
Great cross string!

I play mostly with gut/poly strings and tried a lot of great strings to use as a cross. The problem is that even the best gut/poly will notch over time and you lose some snap back and spin. I decided to give the Irukandji a try because I believe a flat string actually makes sense.

This string does let the mains move freely and snap back. I had tremendous spin with that combo. The power was better than a usual gut/poly as it lets the gut work is magic to perfection. The overall string bed felt very comfortable, I suspect the stiffness to be on the low side for a poly, keep that in mind if you're looking for a stiff poly. But it is still a poly and I didn't have any problem with control or balls flying on me.

I have been using gut/alu power for a while but I'm switching to this one. It is that good, give it a try.